Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Attempt at keeping the dust at bay...

18 days left! Seriously a lot of "I just need another week!" related thoughts. Here's an update:
  • Animated about 20 scenes over spring break. That has left me with 1 that needs to be done(just opening a door and going inside). However, I've got a lengthy list of fixes that I need to address on all the other scenes(Just got a page of notes on 3 of these scenes). Good news though: Far from discouraged or extremely intimidated---I'm ecstatic over such fixes and can't wait to address them all over the weekend and wrap this up.

  • Scenes in the Computer: 7 scenes scanned. 5 have been alpha-channeled(removing the background, thus making the character completely white.). I need to alpha-channel about 20 scenes out of 43---it's now down to 15 scenes---and this part is REALLY quick and easy so I'm not too worried over this part. Scanning too---very quick and mindless.

  • 2 layouts to draw. Several need to be shaded, but this'll probably be 4 hours of work--tops. I got the rest of my layouts wrapped up in one afternoon.

  • Clean-up: This is what's haunting me. I'm probably going to have nightmares about this. I still have a stack thicker than one's fist to clean-up. I'm going to pulling some nutty hours(no all-nighters, just 8am-1am hours....) to get this stuff polished by Sunday. This area is stressing me out the most because my scenes are rougher than rough and do not read until I do another pass on them(going from vague floating circles to the actual on model characters). So I've got to clean like the wind and whip this stuff out. I was doing really well on Sunday, got 5 scenes cleaned(about 15-20 seconds worth) and ready to scan. Today was horrible....Spent 7 hours in my cube cleaning up and got maybe 30 individual drawings done. I'm really happy with those 30, but it's only halfway into that one scene....I was hoping to have about 8-9 scenes cleaned-up today. Really can't afford anymore days like today. Character spinning in perspective=painfully hard to keep consistent.
That's my update for now. Time for bed, I've got a long, hopefully extremely productive day ahead.

P.S. The drawing above is a reject drawing of Otis. About a million and one things wrong with the particular jumble of lines. The re-worked drawing is much better and what'll be in the final film.


Miles Inada said...

Yes! Animation! Fun! Ride to Ruin!!!

Cindey said...

good luck jen! you can do it!
i am getting worried also...