Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Job Fair

So today was the infamous "Portfolios in Review" aka. Job Fair day. Went straight from "film crunch-time" to "portfolio crunch-time." Many battles with the printers, photoshop, and scanners---good times indeed. Today I was on campus shortly after 7am to help setup, check students in, and lay my portfolio out. Here are a couple of photos of the morning:

Everyone getting ready. Lots of very impressive portfolios, always incredibly inspiring to walk around and see the work. Great job to everyone!

My layout this year. I put my work online---right here.

Around 12:30 the lists for company callbacks were posted. This is when companies hold interviews with students they're interested in. I received one callback from Disney Feature Animation for 2D animation! I had an interview with them at 3:30 and it seemed to go pretty well--they provided me with a lot of helpful feedback and I now have a good idea of what sort of areas I should work on for next year. Anyways, that's how today went and now the school year is pretty much over with---Producer's Show is Thursday night, and while my film didn't make it in, it'll still be a very fun night. Well, time to get back to relaxing and taking it easy after the past extremely stressful couple of weeks---can't believe my second year is coming to an end! I just turned in my last critical studies paper of the year---Scary how fast time can fly.

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