Monday, April 20, 2009

Captured is in the Can!

As of 3:27p.m. today, my second year film titled, Captured was turned in....and boy what an adventure that was. Pulled some insane hours(I've gotten about 5 hours of sleep over the past two days) I didn't finish compositing my scenes until 3 am Monday morning. Came to the shocking discovery that my film's running time was verging on 5 minutes, thankfully my roommates came through(they were up working on their own films at this hour as well) and helped point out areas I could shorten and from 3-5a.m. got my time around 4 minutes. Around this time I heard birds starting to sing outside and decided to get a tiny amount of sleep---plus my inner-critic wasn't helping and I was quickly losing motivation to even finish---so once these thoughts were getting out of hand, I called it a night. Woke up at 8:30, felt a little more refreshed/hopeful, and started working on my soundtrack/sound effects. Overall, that went pretty smoothly, just very stressful when dealing with 4 minutes of full-on sound and trying to get everything together by 5pm. Managed to wrap up everything around 2---rendered the beast in its entirety and came onto campus where I witnessed the true image of crunch-time----roughly 60+ people scrambling in a room meant for 15(this is just one lab...the other lab had about 40 people in a room meant for 40)......oh the sights, sounds, and smells to behold---it was also about 90 degrees in the lab due to the large population of people. Servers were crashing, people were running between the two labs, any conversations were always very short--focused on film progress---and then died after that into facial expressions of panic mixed with severe sleep deprivation.....such good times. And now just a short couple of hours later---the campus is a ghost-town. Everyone is out livin' it up after working so hard(also probably sleeping for the next 24 hours)....Saturday is the Open Show and I can't wait---8 hours of animation, shennanigans, etc. Congratulations to everyone--the glimpses of films were really inspiring, seems like the hard work has paid off---should be one rockin' show.

So my epic film is out of my hands now...this has been in the works since last June, so it's such a huge reward seeing this come together after months of constant work---very glad I didn't pay attention to my 3am inner-critic---lol. I'm working on getting a YouTube version up so I can post it all come Sunday---so until then here are some more screenshots and now I'm off to bed to catch up on some sorely missed shut-eye:

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