Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So, the list was posted....

The infamous Producer's Show list was posted tonight:

Didn't make it in. It's fine, not bummed out. Personally, I'm not surprised that it didn't get in, after Saturday I knew I wouldn't make it. Anyhow, I'll come back fighting next year. lol-- I saw a lot of fantastic films on Saturday and got a really good sense of what I should aim for in the upcoming year. I'm actually FAR from discouraged--more excited and pumped up for what I can accomplish next year. I learned a lot from my film and even though I didn't make it in, I certainly don't consider it a waste of time or anything. Every year there are plenty of films that don't make it into the Producer's Show. A lot of successful animators never had their films in the Producer's Show and still got jobs so it won't "make or break" your career. As my story teacher put it, "It's just an ego booster." Besides, I still get to go to the Producer's Show and not get all weird over having my film projected in the same theater as the Emmys! That'll be a nice feeling to just sit back and have the chance watch some of my personal favorite student films again.:)

Of course congrats are in order for the films that did make it in. Must have been very difficult to wittle the films down to the best(8 hours of films narrowed down to an hour and a half!) Be sure to stop by my YouTube favorites to check out the films from the Open Show that have surfaced online. A couple have been included in the Producer's Show: Hunter/Hunted, Dead Meet, Girly Pictures, and Rubber Woes. Anyways, congrats guys, way to go! :)

On a side note, my film was accepted into the "Donut Show" which is an on-campus event hosted by Leo Hobaica based on the films he felt should have gotten into the Producer's Show. That was interesting to find out.


Jenessa said...

congrats on making it into the donut show jennifer!!!

Miles Inada said...

Donuts are good for you and give you energy! Good on you!