Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2008 Job Fair

Today is the big Job Fair at ol' CalArts and roughly 30 companies are making the rounds. Everybody was lined up and ready to setup beginning at 7:30am. At 8:00 a.m. they let everyone go to their designated tables(MFAs, Alumni, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, etc.) and setup. Us freshmen were shoved back by the stairs and pretty much around the corner. Only two tables were peeking out, but it should be enough to get people back there. Anyways, really awesome portfolios were all around. Lots of fantastic displays complete with mini-TVs, computers, models like houses or trees setup, etc. Anyone ever participate in a Science Fair as a kid? I certainly did and this really reminded me of those kind of places. Lesson here is: Be like a bird of paradise, lots of showy "shiny" things to draw attention and then have the goods(artwork) to back it up. I have a really good idea for what I should do for next year, until then....just killing time until noon. This year is all about the learning experience, next year I won't be in the dark as much, and should be a whole lot better--in terms of presentation and of course material. Anyways, I'll update later today on how the rest of the day goes, until then here's a picture of my portfolio setup:

I later switched the flippable stack of animation paper with those forms in the middle, but that's the only change. And if you'd like to go take a gander at the work in my portfolio---clicketh here and click on slideshow to see it in action.

Update at 4:30pm: I'm yours for the summer Southern Oregon--no callbacks. It's fine, just 2 freshmen got callbacks and 95% of the visiting companies didn't even know where the freshmen table was(seems to happen every year too). Two of my demo reel DVDs were taken while I was away, so maybe I might be contacted at a future point, but nothing for just today. So while a little bummed, I'm not letting it bother me. I did stick around and talk to various recruiters and animators who came, I got some fantastic feedback on what I can work on and have a whole lot of plans for this coming summer. Going to include LOTS of drawing at the mall and studying classic strong movies---Maya and my sketchbook will be surgically attached to me this summer(okay, maybe not Maya, but definately my sketchbook). haha. A recruiter did want me to mail my portfolio off to them by Friday, another possible chance at an internship, but in all likely hood I'll be home for the summer(which is fantastic and I really want to be home anyways). There was so much talent showcased at the Job Fair it was one huge learning experience really. So any incoming freshmen: don't take it hard if nothing happens your first year. Nobody knows what a company is looking for and it's just your first year--I can't wait to be a Senior and look back at my work. Just focus on absorbing as much as you can, working hard, and be social. Shy will not work, however don't be some boastful jerk that thinks they own the world--seems like the people who are politely outgoing get the attention. Well, that's how Job Fair played out...I've got 3D animation tonight, a 4 pg paper due by Friday, Producer's Show this Thursday, Donut Show next Tuesday, and then next week it's time to pack up and leave! The year has flown by, but it's amazing how much knowledge has been shoved into my cranium since September---crazy!

Primarily for my Mom and brother because they both know why, but this is certainly open for anyone:

While this scene is sad in the context of the film--you all should know what happens after this scene. Life kind of flows in that fashion where you attempt something huge(like flying) and then fail. However, life works in mysterious ways and while I know a lot of people at CalArts could relate to Buzz's failure to "fly,"with not getting any callbacks or not getting into any shows, this is that moment when life usually takes an unexpected twist and a bad thing turns into something fantastic. :)


amelia said...

Portfolio looks great! Have fun at the job fair...though I don't suppose you're looking for an animation job just yet, right? Are the companies also offering a lot of summer internships too?

Jennifer Harlow said...

Hey Amelia! Yeah I forgot to mention that various companies are offering both jobs and, what I'm interested in, summer internships.:)

Janine Chang said...

Whoa!!! congratz in finishing your film and also composing a portfolio for the job fair Jen!!! It must've been so much restless days and hard work!!! I love how you decorated the table with sweeney todd and everything :)
We could decorate the space however we want??? Anyways! Hope you have a great summer!( When does your summer vacation start?) Time flies by so fast... Already your freshmen year is coming to an end! I'll be seeing you 4 months later! Can't wait :)