Friday, April 25, 2008

Unexpected story

Walking back to my dorm this morning and I hear the peeps of baby ducklings. Eager to see something cute and because I had my camera on me--I followed the peeps. Found the mom and saw one lonely little duckling despite the chorus of peeps. The mom was acting odd and was sitting down by this drain and I immediately put two-and-two together. Her ducklings were stuck, either they fell down between the openings or someone actually chased them down and stuck them in there(you could lift up the cement barrier thing)--which I'd hate to think someone would actually DO that. Anyways, I went over and reunited the ducklings with their mom.

It was after I took this picture that I realized something was wrong. See the drain? The ducklings were under that cement opening.


Running over to mommy.

And with that little happy ending I return to the world of Maya-roughly 95% done.:)


Cali said...

HOORAY!!! You're a hero!!!! :D :D

kristen said...

Wow, they were lucky you heard them and came running!
You're so awesoooome :)