Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fight or Flight

Sorry for the wait, but here's my first year film! Starring the entertaining antics of Ollie and Pilot!

Again, a huge special thanks to everybody who contributed to the making of my first film! I know I listed everybody in the credits, but again thank you to all of my friends and teachers at CalArts! And of course a thank you to my friends and family back home(21 days Mom!) for all of their input and nonstop support. I'll be posting the animatic and some development work later in the week once papers are done and my portfolio is sent off...for now-Back to the gallery! Time for round 2!


Brian B said...

FIRST! Thanks for making me wait, that was terrific!

I love the character details. The precious way Ollie inspects his model plane to start, and the eccentric anger of the Pilot when he gets his hands on it afterward. The excessive nod is great. Great job, Jen!

Btw, how was open show? Any highlight of the night or awe-inspiring films? It's really exciting and inspiring catching a handful of new films on blogs and youtube right now, and seeing the fruits of your guys labors. I hope to see a bunch more soon.

Car2oon said...

Wow, that was great. Pilot's mannerisms gave me a very Tom and Jerry feel. My favorite scene was pilot on the table top, great movement, great expression!

I wanted to know too, freshmen year films, you can't have dialogue nor color right? Is sound allowed? Can you exceed the 90 second limit?

amelia said...

(thunderous applause)
Wow what a labor of love. Great work. That cat is quite the little devil, isn't he? I did catch a quick Grinch grin, didn't I? ;)
My favorite part is when he makes his great.
thanks again!
Still there in spirit! OMM!

Jennifer Harlow said...

Wow you guys are fast! haha!

Brian: Congrats on commenting first! Thanks for the various little comments. I tried to squeeze as many "character" moments as I could and I really appreciate it when people notice.:) Open Show was great! I just got back and I'll do a full on post once I let the films sink in more. Little overwhelmed. haha.

Car2oon: The table top scene and the scene immediately afterwards are still my personal favs. That scene in particular was my very last scene that I animated.:) As far as freshmen films: You cannot have synced sound so no actual lipsync. You could have voice over, but the sound has to be done after you actually animate(if that makes sense, you'll understand by October.) The time limit rules seem to change every year. The limit is 90 seconds, but they've started giving us an extra 9 seconds for credits etc. But it might change next year so don't plan on those extra 9 seconds.

Amelia: Ha! Ya caught the Grinch influence--couldn't really avoid it. Chuck Jones has one a big impact on my work. I tried to differ slightly and didn't have Pilot's features really curl up like the Grinchs'. haha, but yeah-sharp eye! ;) And thank you for the comment! Glad you finally got to see it! And don't worry, next year you'll be at the show in person and joining in on all of the celebrations!