Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Donut Show

Today was the Donut Show and my film along with 26 other films were screened in the Bijou Theater. And yes, donuts AND milk(organic to be precise) were apart of the show. Every year Leo Hobaica selects the films he likes the most and then hosts a screening. There was a variety of films this year---some live-action, some leaning more towards experimental, those with loads of character, etc. In past years, the students who created the films would go up and discuss their films, create a discussion, etc. This year, everyone made a beeline for the donuts and just watched the films. Due to the number of films and the limited amount of time he didn't have an in-depth discussion for each film. At the end there was a short talk, but otherwise we just watched.

In the meantime, just packing and finalizing everything for next year. Packed up my cube tonight(that was a weird experience) and will have 99% of my dorm packed up by tomorrow night. It does not feel like a year has passed. October feels like it was last week and that I'll be back in my cube this weekend working on a new animation or something. Thursday is the real last hurrah before everybody departs for the summer. Lots of fantastic adventures are planned(not going to spoil anything, just in case things change.) so that'll be a great way of signing off to surviving my first year. Anyhow, have some photos:

Standing outside the Bijou Theater awaiting the films and donuts.

The donuts anticipating the rush that took place 5 minutes after this photo was taken. lol

Okay, I'm going to try and go to bed(roommate is packing up and this makes falling asleep a bit of a challenge which is why I'm even up right now at 2:20 am).

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amelia said...

Yahoo! The Donut Show sounds infinitely more tasty than the Producer Show...who wants to eat producers?