Monday, May 26, 2008

Night out with Indy---all spoiler free

Saw Indiana Jones this weekend.....I didn't walk out of the theater with a bad taste in my mouth, but I wasn't exactly doing cartwheels. I shut that analytical story side of my brain off, and just let the plethora of special effects and cheesy scenes wash over me.There were some pretty sweet camera shots though, and the sets/lighting also caught my eye. Very tempting to figure out a 2nd year film that could incorporate some of those action shots, however I MUST resist the urge because it'll just turn into one overwhelming epic. Going back to the movie: even by Indy standards, some scenes were literally unbelievable and did break my suspension of disbelief---several times actually. For instance: Those monkeys? Why? And only Indy could have pulled that refrigerator stunt off...haha. Also, not entirely sure how I felt about the actual premise, felt it was a little too "out of this world." However, every movie should have a motorcycle/car chase through a university campus---that was actually entertaining and yes Indy was still at his finest, along with Marion. That first shadow silhouette shot of Indiana Jones putting his hat on satisfied the fan in me(especially since I've never experienced any Indiana Jones movie on the silver screen). Overall, good movie. Way better then Temple o' Doom, but often times didn't have the same flair as the originals. Anyways, glad I finally saw it---however, I was horribly distracted every time Cate Blanchett appeared on screen and opened her mouth because a couple days ago I stumbled upon this gem:

Any animation involved person worth their salt should get this iconic reference. Just TRY and watch this movie now without her accent triggering this line. haha

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Anonymous said...

i would have to agree some times during the movie i found my self asking why do people like this have all the money in the world to ruin movies for me. makes me wonder how much anticipation i should have for many movies this summer to come. not sure if i'm going to feel disappointed after seeing the many great ones to come. Or is it my own fault for having expectations, we'll never know.......