Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Slackin'

So updates are becoming a bit far and few between. I'll try and make the transition to the more traditional art blog since my daily outings around Southern Oregon, while loads of fun, might not make for the most fascinating reading material---lol. While I have begun developing a promising premise on a 2nd year film, the title character isn't quite ready to make his blog debut. However, I will say this--not going near a cat this year. ha. Having not touched a storyboard since January, it's been a challenge to get the wheels turning again while remembering proper storyboard etiquette. However, things are certainly coming together--had an in-depth film related story meeting on Thursday and have since spent the weekend pushing the bar for both story and character(Thank you again Miles! Can't wait to share the new idea) Alright, less words--more art:

A certain buzzard is back in my care and immediately overtook two pages in my sketchbook. He was more than happy to supply an array of sketch worthy actions like apple eating, bird-yoga, and 'lets explore the room!' There's also a special appearance by Miss Fat Cat, who dutifully continues the 5 am feeding cry routine. The entertainment value has only increased since Annie now does a repeat performance whenever my Mom returns from a day of teaching, usually around 3pm---actually I've now been identified as a likely supplier of food, resulting in a couple harassing maneuvers from the beached manatee. Next post will resurrect an old favorite---the Mall People!

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