Friday, May 16, 2008

An Epic Thursday

As I said before, went to Disneyland yesterday and filled the day with fun photos, riding the rides, and spending the final 2 hours sketching. Got back to CalArts around 8:30 at night after being at Disneyland since about 9 am....the night was only just starting because a Scavenger Hunt was beginning at 10:30 where we divided into several groups and were given a 5 page packet of various challenges to attempt to do in the next 2 hours. The challenges ranged from tame like---photograph 20 red 'E's to the wild side which lead to many teams running into security. Whichever team had the most points gained by the end of the game, won. Well this lead to everybody running around campus, dodging security, photographing a whole RAINBOW of activities, and eventually meeting in the SubLevel to fight over the final task: Rubber bouncy balls. A box filled with hundreds of tiny rubber balls was poured onto the floor and everybody dove for as many balls as they could carry. In about 10 seconds everyone started counting their winnings. Each ball was worth like 1 point. Loads of fun and a fantastic way to really end the year. I didn't get back to the dorm until about 2:30 and while I was pretty awake during the game, the day's worth of events finally caught up with me and I immediately fell asleep. And as a side note, don't worry incoming freshmen---we plan on making the Scavenger Hunt an annual event. lol.

Today I woke up at 8am and frantically packed up my final boxes. At 11am, my stuff was hauled away to storage(95% of my things are in storage, the rest is coming home). My roommate and I proceeded to then clean the dorm from floor to ceiling before meeting up with the gang and heading to the nearby "Cheescake Factory" to eat and hang out with everyone for one final time. While not everybody came(this is a whole other story....and was just nuts), it was pretty fun("We've got smart friends"---right Kristen?). I also checked out of my cube and intend on spending my final Saturday just chilling with the other maybe 15 people who should be around tomorrow.

Onward to pictures!

Disneyland! But wait? The colors! I found a really cool feature on my camera where you can "accent" a specific color. Once found, Cindey, Jenessa, and Myself toured around the park while abusing this feature.

The trouble makers---Left to right: Cindey, Jenessa, and Me.

To Infinity and BEYOND! But first, be sure to eat your

'course we had to stop by Tiki Room. Mainly to take a break from the heat(easily 95), but a perfect opportunity to play with the color feature again...

Around 3, we hopped over to California Adventure and visited the Animation building which featured the extremely cool Toy Story 3D Zoetrope. It's this big display that when spun and shot with a special light, just springs to life!

Because of the lights and everything any video taken is very strobey which makes it pretty hard to see just how cool this is. This isn't my video, but this one is much better than how mine turned out. So much better in real life. Once it had stopped my friends and I immediately spotted a Principle of Animation!

Wheezy the little penguin is demonstrating a very important term...can you name it?

Spotted in a store....yet another example. ha

After California Adventure(where I rode Tower of Terror for the first time---crazy stuff), we headed back to Disneyland to draw the crowds. Our first spot was on Main Street and after about an hour, we moved to the Carousel in Fantasyland for a change of scenery. So again, more Photobooth photos of my work. I'm showing every last drawing I did in the 9 pages that I filled: so here's the good, the bad, and the VERY ugly....

While I was on Main Street I spotted this little kid wearing this HUGE flowing Jedi robe, so that what the brown shape is above the lovely ladies.

Those of you that see me offline have the advantage of seeing these in person, which I recommend because these drawings suffered greatly in the realm of Photobooth. Much better in person.

And then, a couple photos from the Scavenger Hunt;

In the SubLevel diving for those pesky tiny rubber balls.

A fraction of Ethan's face while he shares his ultimate prize of a garbage can full of bouncy balls. Sorry for the blurriness.

A couple teams counting up their points.

Winning group being declared and a swarm of bouncy balls being dumped from a blurry cardboard box over the student who created the Scavenger Hunt.

Once more I have to say this: The year shot by and now tomorrow is my final day at CalArts until September! My first year has ended and summer starts. Summer plans are not completely final, still waiting to hear from Disney, but otherwise it's local Oregon employment of some kind. Anyways, dorm inspection tomorrow....time for bed---


amelia said...

That sounds like the best day ever.
Except that you have to leave CalArts now :(

henry yu said...

there's going to be bouncy balls underneath every cabinet in the department next year.