Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sketchy Updates

The last of the horse gestures. The show ended last Sunday---with surprisingly enough, calf roping.

Another round of the latest mall locals. Included here is "Eagle flying over mountain range" shirt guy. Though he would have slayed me if he had worn the--Three Wolf Moon shirt that's sweeping the nation. However, I'm sure it'll be in his closet shortly...maybe by the next full moon?

Saturday was the Fourth of July and my Mom and I scooted over to the Ashland Parade.

My vantage point. Nice huge quality so not a single detail is missed. Unfortunately, my "Most Patriotic Person" award cannot be bestowed this year. Not a single person passed by that could top last year's winner. Oh well, here are some honorable mentions:

Yes, there's a little old woman clutching a Bible. And yes, she's wearing a lime-green regular bike helmet. She was apart of the parade---and right behind her was a blazing red sign that read, "Jesus." Really nothing else to say about that.

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Reeeally like your Mall-People sketches :)