Saturday, July 5, 2008

Red, White, and DRAW

Had a fantastic Fourth of July. Spent the morning at a local parade with my parents and once we picked a good spot located in the middle of the action we started the game, "Spot the most Patriotic Person." Here are some sketchbook highlights:

A Tie-Dye Santa and his Mrs. Clause were across the street from us. That blanket could have been made from reindeer from what I could tell. Christmas in July?

Variations on Red, White and Blue outfits. I was reminded of Where's Waldo when this guy strolled by.

He's completed unrelated to the other striped individual. I should have drawn that hat MUCH bigger and better. It was 90% hat and about 10% human. Very cute.

This boy caught my eye--check THAT shirt out! Go little Incredible.

And finally---Our "Most Patriotic Person" of the day, spotted in the same vicinity as us:

I was starting to lose faith in the publics' patriotic wardrobe choices when she arrived. Black-fanny pack, crazy-cool pants, red glasses and all---my stars, you just couldn't miss her!


Michelle Smith said...

Oh Jen, these are just freakin priceless! It makes me wish I'd gone down to see the locals in the Ashland parade. Unfortunately the naked lady had to keep her clothes on. : ) Hope your summer is going well.

Oh yeah, you're probably wondering who the hell I am. I'm the one who talked at you (meant in the kindest of ways of course) before Miles' 3D animation class last quarter. Ring any bells?

Jennifer Harlow said...

Hey Michelle! Yeah I'm really glad my family had that last minute decision to go to the Ashland parade. Well she wasn't entirely clothed, she ran by our area twice while some guy followed blowing a big horn. Yes, my summer is going really well. Hope your summer is just as good!

haha, yep I remember you! Your profile was the give-away. Anyways, thanks for visiting! Great to see the SOU animators online!