Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Muggle Mall

Had some time to kill before a showing of Half-Blood Prince. So off to the food court to draw me some muggles!

Here's the classic Hallmark couple! The margaritas also circled around to her front--I've actually renamed her, "Miss Margarita-ville" The wife did all the ordering while her husband really just stood there and chewed his giant kind of spell could have conjured up a more unique pair.

Oh yeah, and the movie itself was alright--much better than some of the previous ones. Still felt incredibly rushed and the ending was quite frankly a letdown, but some scenes(like the cave, and when Harry is under the influence of the luck potion) were awesome. The Burrow on fire didn't sit well with me(unless I'm wrong...that didn't even HAPPEN in the book) and that time could have been better spent. I did like how the special effects blended in with the film, didn't really call attention and distract from anything else on screen. Good characters--Malfoy, Snape, and Slughorn were superb and stole the show.Didn't really care about all the 16 year old relationship drama....again, could have been time better spent on let us say, memories of Voldemort, but what can ya do...I'm still looking forward to the next installment.

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Martin W. said...

your blog made me more aware of the the sometimes subtle types of characters that i meet every day. its really just a matter of walking around with open eyes and boom...inspiriation everywhere.