Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Installment of Food Courties....

A combo of some dog park gestures and the fine folk of the food court: This next one has a special story. I come into the food court, pick a very empty table, sit down, and proceed to draw. Give or take five minutes and out of nowhere this very crazy lady comes up to me and insists I move because I'm in her seat....I really just want to draw so I get up and move a whopping 4 tables down and resume drawing---though I start to watch her out of the corner of my eye. She proceeds to walk over to a nearby Orange Julius to order something and that's my cue to start drawing--the final selling point, aside from the outfit, was the fat oozing over the handles of her walker, making her look like she was wedged in there good and tight(I wouldn't have drawn her otherwise, but after her assault, she was immediately put into the territory of 'no mercy'). So enjoy and watch out--she's a looney one.

These two mark the "closing chapter in one sketchbook, while another one begins." The woman on the left who is munching away on nachos was the final drawing in the sketchbook I started in June. Miss Tanline is the first drawing in my newly started sketchbook. That tanline was blazingly bright against the rest of her skin....she was on the other side of the food court and I could definately make out that swimsuit line. Yikes(and it's soooo skimpy! What in the world kind of swimsuit was she wearing...eww)

Alright, well this is the last of the mall updates. Tomorrow I leave for a little week long vacation(roadtrip!)--though drawing is definately on the itinerary, see ya'll in August!

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