Monday, July 13, 2009

Tales from the USPS Line...Chap.1

I was recently hired at a local UPS store. That's going all dandy....well, part of my job is to drive over to the downtown Postal Office and pick up the store's mail because it also handles regular mail. Today was special because myself and one of my managers had to wait in line to buy some packs of "Forever Stamps." The line we're in is ridiculously long, with only one employee working behind the counter. We've been slowly moving forward for the past 15 minutes when my manager leans over and whispers in a very excited tone, "Oh my god, there's quite the character behind us. When you can, look at the guy in the black scooter." Of course there's about 4 people between ourselves and the guy in the scooter, so I glance over and only see a white mane. My manager has now pulled out his iPhone in an attempt to photograph this character...but trying to not look like he's trying to take a picture. Well 3 failed attempts at getting a good shot later, we're called up to the counter to make our stamp purchase. As we're walking by the line of people and up to the counter, I finally get a good look at what's attached to the white mane:
We left the store in a fit of giggles, puzzling over this character. This is day 5 on the job....can't wait for what's next. The in-store stories have pretty much supplied me with film ideas for the next 100 years.

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