Saturday, August 1, 2009

Roadtrip Report

A summary of my week in photos. I had an absolute blast and honestly felt like this one week lasted a whole month. I visited a bunch of friends from school along with family, toured around places like Pixar(incredibly awesome! I probably had the widest, silliest grin on my face while walking around.), LA zoo, the Getty Museum, and even attended the Hayao Miyazaki lecture in downtown LA. I also have some excerpts from my 600 + mile drive back to Oregon....that 680 in Northern California was nasty. 40 minutes to travel a whopping 8 miles? No thank you. Also, Kiwi didn't come with me on my trip so he was exceedingly estatic when I returned. Anyways, not too much else to say...I do have some sketchbook pages to share though:

My Aunt(who lives in Woodside, aka. the place where I woke up to squirrels scurrying up redwoods with giant ears of corn in their tiny mouths--photographic evidence can be seen above.) and I spent a Saturday running around San Francisco before driving over to Half-Moon Bay, where I proceeded to draw until my fingers were literally numb from the cold(it was maybe 65 there?)
On Monday, a large group of CalArtians and myself spent the day at the LA Zoo. Despite the heat(easily 95 degrees), and the insane amount of bees--we had a great time. The only really active animals were the Sifaka, everyone else was chillin' in the shade.

I do plan on typing up the notes I took at the Miyazaki lecture, so until then, here's a video.

The lecture started off by playing several trailers to his films, one being Totoro. This movie was a pretty iconic part of my childhood, along with my brother's. We watched this film several times during the summer...still one of my favorite films by Miyazaki.


Ellen Yu said...

I love how you did your photos.

Great job on your life drawings ^^

I'm looking forward to your Miyazaki post. Yay catbus!

Cindey said...

aw you got some great drawings done at the zoo! :) it was only a warm up for me I guess, I hadn't drawn in awhile! (bad cindey)

thanks so much for letting me ride with you down to valencia again! Can't wait to see your post on the miyazaki lecture. :D

ann emerson said...

dear jen, loved your sketches, particularly of the beachcombers observed during our visit together in the woods.

i am so proud of you as an artist and as my niece, always there to celebrate life and to help others. that i am related to you is an honor.

come back anytime. this evening a large white owl swooped down right above my head as i was retiring to the little art studio, and a little confused fawn froze in the light of the motion sensor set off by my walk from the cabin to cottage. you would have captured them beautifully with white pencil on blackest paper...

love, ann

Jenessa said...

This is a really nice post! I'm glad that you had a wonderful time!

I can't wait to see you when you make your next journey down south.

Kirk Jorgensen said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'm an Animator up in Toronto, Canada. I came across your blog while searching for drawings by Ollie Johnston. Anyway, Great work and nice blog!
I've added you to my links on my blog.
Are you still at Cal Arts?