Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give thee....

The odd-ball animal pals that inspire me to no end; pardon the often poor lighting or blurriness, gotta get used to this camera!

First up is mister Kiwi himself:

Otherwise(as he says it himself) known as "PeeWee"

Eating an apple is serious business.

The many sides and emotions of Kiwi:

Yes quite cute eh? He will act all cute and innocent just to get your guard down. Lurking behind the fluffy cute face is this:

He has attacked our cat(when she was a kitten, she hasn't mentally recovered since and is terrified of the big green meanie). If you ever have the chance to meet Kiwi, keep your fingers at bay----conures make a lovely, yet deadly addition to any household. ;)

Okay, now for the big ol' indoor cat---Annie! Or more commonly known as: Chubbs, Crater(she leaves these HUGE imprints on couches and beds, leaving the family to say "She's landed"), Cry-baby, and a bunch of other names---right now her new one is Butter Boat. My Mom and I have decided she's an emotional eater because whenever she's very upset(which happens a lot, anything spooks or angers her) she'll go right to the food bowl. We honestly feed our cats well, I'll post a picture of our other cat just to prove Annie is the exception to our healthy cat family.
Here are some less than flattering shots of the silly girl:

"Wanna play???"

OMG HIDE!(Yeah that's the leg of a chair)

"Woah dude, wha happened!"

And just to show her semi-elegant side, here:

So now, here's Frankie our other cat:

See quite normal(this picture was taken in late February so he still had his winter coat on, see all fluff!)
Wonder why he's called Frankie? Well he's named after ol' blue eyes himself:

Yeah, Frankie IS normal cat size this:

is NOT! Poor little emotional eater, my Mom wants to put her on a diet while I'm away, just to see if there's any change in her appearance when I visit. ;)

Well there ya have it....artwork on the way I promise, just 8 shifts left at Target and 19 days until CalArts!


Cali said...

AWWWW!!! BIG FATTEH KITTEH!!! Hahah I love it! And great shots of Kiwi :) I bet he's having a blast in his vacation home ;) ARE YOU SO STOKED FOR SCHOOL?? It's a-comin!! :D

Jennifer said...

FATTEH KITTEH LOVES U 2!!!!! Yeah from the phone calls he's tolerating her nicely. ;) I'M SOOO UNBELIEVABLY STOKED!!!!