Thursday, August 2, 2007

Is your figure less than Greek?

Well this post will teach me NOT to delay scanning my little caricatures-a-day in. So massive image-heavy post ahead----ye be warned matey! The title of this post is just too perfect--makes me laugh when thumbing through my sketchbook.

So these first two are from the recent final Harry Potter book release midnight release party, I drew around 8 pages of various people, but kind of had a bad night and these two are my sole highlights:

A wee Potterlad

A really convincing Rita Skeeter

This next one is a quick study of my parrot as he enjoys a favorite past time: a finger massage and a playful finger wrestle(where the goal is to catch my finger and chew on it*not to the point of pain though*):

The rest of the lot are all Target customer studies. I know there's a bit of a gap between dates, but this is due to the cancellation of a class I was REALLY looking forward too, so this caused several days to be added onto my Target countdown so once I came down to the 30 day mark again I started the caricatures again(if that makes any sense), still 21 days left to capture the essence of southern Oregon. ;)

Okay, I promise to be better about actually updating on the day I draw one of these characters!

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