Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flash Animations

Here are a couple animations I completed throughout my year at SOU, all animated in flash and all frame-by-frame. As a side note, let them play through one time, they all seem a little off(particularly the dialogue test) the first time around. ;)

First up, the animation I submitted to CalArts in the Fall of 2006. I left it untouched so this is hopefully what the CalArts staff saw:

The Mouse Trap

Next are just a couple animations I did during Spring term, one involves a goat and the other focuses on a floursack:

And it's up he goes!

Floursack Goodness

This final animation involves practicing lipsync. The soundclip is from "The Libertine" starring Johnny Depp. I do have a version that is fully colored, but it's chopped up and spread throughout a demoreel(I would upload the demo-reel, but the sound is just butchered), instead you get a rough animation followed by a cleaned-up version. :)
Batty Dialogue

Well there ya have it! Now my Flash animations have finally hit the blog! Okay, back to the millions of other things I SHOULD be doing...


Cali said...

AWESOME!! I really love the floursack one, he's so cute! Especially when he almost falls over!

Jennifer said...

Aww thanks for the comment Cali! Haha yeah I just kept improvising on that flour sack, I didn't have much of plan when starting that animation. ;)