Friday, August 3, 2007

Farewell for now....

Dropped Kiwi off at his new owner's house this morning....the logical side of me knows it is for the better and this new house is exactly what he needs, fantastic parrot-friendly home. He'll be a happy little fuzz-ball, however, my more emotional side thinks differently and I haven't exactly been myself since giving him away. The plan will be that he'll come live with me in 4 years, a dorm is no place for the green meanie. Still hard, having him since I was kid, I have a lot of memories of him----but since he's supposed to live into his 30's and even 40's he still has a lot of life left(he's 8)!

This day also brings news that CalArts updated their website to include the upcoming school year schedule for Character Animation, when my mind is off of Kiwi, this makes me very excited and giddy with the possibilities of what my schedule might look like come Sept! Now if only they'd actually send me my class schedule so I know who else will be in my classes and who's teaching it. =)

No artwork today, just not in the mood. Probably go put on Indiana Jones and chill.


Tom Moore said...

Ahh yes... classes. This is bloaty by the way. You don't actually register for your classes until you get to school, and you have to do it in person. They have a core schedule that you have to have, with little room for other electives. Just thought I'd let you know.

I heart Harry Potter too. The seventh book was awesome.

Jennifer said...

Hey Bloaty!
Oh okay! Thanks for shedding a little light on the subject, I kind of thought that when I received my massive registration package.
Yay another Potter fan! Yeah the seventh book was pretty sweet. =) Well look forward to meeting you in a matter of weeks!