Monday, October 26, 2009

Tiny Update

Still alive. Very hectic schedule last week and now battling my way over a small cold. So, a real update like guest lecture notes(James Gurney and a bit from Shane Acker's lecture on "9") coming soon. To tide things over here are some animation tests:

A pretty sloppy animated turn around of Peter Pan. We had a choice between Pan and Fred Flintstone...while I learned a ton on it, I definitely wish the end result was less floaty(watch that mouth! And feather, and eyebrows! All fantastically inconsistent and I didn't catch these things until it was too late. I doubt I'll revisit this.)

We had to have a character dive off of a diving board. Could be any character and it was suggested(....Kristen....haha) I try out my elephant character. This is due tomorrow(sneak peek for everyone in Scott's class), and am definitely aiming on a more solid elephant next time 'round. He's verging on the infamous flour-sack body--like those deer in Snow White.
Anyways, this is as good a time as any to introduce my WIP film character for this year, Quint. I had been developing a story involving little Quint, but on Wednesday I had a muchly appreciated reality check from my current production teacher, so I'm shelving that idea and moving on. I say appreciated because it would have been really frustrating to find this sort of feedback out in, let's say, May, so now, while it's still early in the game--I'm turning back and starting a new. Still in love with the original story though, just would have really been too much for me to take on this year, especially with how I want to really focus on animation. The previous story honestly wouldn't have allowed me to revisit any scenes and as was pointed out to me--I'd have to rush through a lot of footage and in the end, the quality would suffer. No way I'd be able to push the animation. Falling back on bad habits, like during crunch-time last year, wouldn't help me at all. Definitely a good reminder after my previous two years...thinking back on those films is what really helped me decide, "Yeah, not falling into that same trap this year." Plus, I quickly put some of my storyboards in the computer and started timing them out---just 40% of the film came to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I stopped there....Yep, that doesn't exactly play into my goal of having a film that's only 2 minutes long--with credits. Now to think of a super simple, chalk full of character-driven film! Hmm....


And then Disney deer a few years later:

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Kevin Schmit said...

I really like your elephant animation! The 'flour-sack' body doesn't bug me...but what do I know about animation haha :P.