Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little bit of this and that...

Zoo day was yesterday---85 degrees was definitely an improvement over last week's 100+ sweat-fest. Anyways, artwork ahoy:

Next week's goal: Draw with a pen that's actually water-proof. The second I added watercolors---BAM, the lines just went every which way.

Traditional Animation class has officially kicked off. We have a new teacher now, a mister Scott Wright who's kicking us into serious boot camp and giving us two assignments a week to catch up on the lost time(first class was this past Tuesday night.) I just finished animating the classic ball bounce(just up and down) and then on top of that, we had to draw two key poses with a character illustrating Squash and Stretch. Well naturally I went to the one subject who is the epitome of these terms(particularly squash):

Annie, aka. Ms. Boulder...when it came to stretch I had to do a couple passes:

Pass works, but I thought it could be pushed more.

Still could go further I'm sure, but this certainly gets the point across. If I remember to bring my camera, I'll post the ball thing later.


Jenessa said...

I love these Jennifer!

Anonymous said...

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