Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

A little Happy Halloween from the zoo's snow leopard cubs--they were going to town on some pumpkins. Absolutely adorable and the action took place a little over a foot away! When they got tired of mauling the pumpkin they quickly turned on each other, or better yet, dear ol' Mom.

(that's literally the distance away, no zoom. Just holding my arm out.)

Last night was the annual CalArts' Halloween party. Had a very good time with friends and everyone dressed in some pretty craazy costumes. The theme this year was "Insane Asylum" and the decorations were pretty appropriate. haha. I stayed from about 9:30 until 1:30 in the morning. Here's a quick photo of the main dance area:

The next morning I came into the cubes and was greeted with Admiral Ackbar and the head of a Star Wars' At-St(I had to look this name up, so I'm not THAT deep into the nerdom. haha). Both were costumes worn the previous night(The At-St was beyond awesome! Complete with silly string blasters)....And a group of students went to the trouble of creating a duct-tape casting of someone's body and then clothing it. It was Mel Gibson earlier in the week, hopefully Ackbar is around longer to warn everyone of any traps!

"It's a traaaaap!"

Psst...this'll catch everyone up:

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