Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leaf me alone

My leaf assignment that was due tonight. Though mine went the route of "triangle" type leaf. Oh well--like I said, Leaf me alone. :P Now it's onto a head rotation, time to decide between Peter Pan or Fred Flintstone...hmmm

Also, I updated my folding box video on the previous post with a much higher quality.

Every year Third Years tackle the infamous "Third Year Reviews" where, you go into a room with 3-5 faculty members and they look at a portfolio of the work you've done over the past 2.5ish years. Films, animation tests, color charts...all of it, judge your progress in the program, and essentially see if you're on track for graduating. Well next week is my year's turn. Stress is definitely building and nobody knows for sure what to expect. Tuesday the 20th is my day(at 11 am to be exact), so in the meantime I'm gathering all my work from 1st, 2nd, and so far 3rd year and hoping for the best. Looking back at my stuff from first year has been entertaining and depressing at the same time---and that feeling has continued into the work I made during second year. Fun times. Anyhow, the first big rainstorm has hit SoCal and it has been really refreshing. Love waking up to this type of weather---just like home.

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mb said...

Nice work Jennifer!!