Sunday, August 10, 2008

Record holder for Summer Slacking

An update for the 2 remaining dustbunnies that still actually read my blog:

I've developed the addiction of drawing stills from movies. So since I have a nice little collection of these studies(all roughly 1 minute or less thumbnails of unique actions) here are a few highlights. Can you guess the characters and/or film?

I relied too heavily on my courage to add watercolors to these studies and now the great and powerful Oz bestowed a good dose of regret on me:

And of course I couldn't forget:

20 days and then I'm driving back down to Valencia----wow that date is sneaking up fast. That also means roughly 20 days until I get an actual scanner back and iPhoto shall butcher my drawings no more!


amelia said...

20 days! 20 days! 20 days!
Great idea to draw from movies...let's see, Jurassic Park, The Wizard of Oz annndd I don't know the third one! But I definitely see the Tramp on the fourth page!

Jennifer Harlow said...

I knooow! :D Though it's now 18 days!
Yeah I picked this habit up after my first year---soon you too will pick it up. haha. The Tramp is actually correct for the last two---he is just dressed in different outfits in the other drawings(At The Circus and Modern Times)

Jenessa said...

Haha. Amelia and I are the dust bunnies.

I can't wait to see everyone again!!!!

Jennifer Harlow said...

YAY! My little dustbunnies returned! haha.

I know! Just a matter of days now! :o NOW UPDATE NESSA! UPDATE TOOODAAAY! haha

Pat Harpin said...

hey man! I read the blog!