Saturday, August 16, 2008

County Fair Time

This past week was the annual county fair and craving the addition of farm life to my newly started sketchbook, I headed out into the blistering heat(103. Today it was supposedly 108ish--so I'm glad I went earlier in the week.) and filled 13 pages(front and back)with life at the fairgrounds.

With it being so hot, a lot of the animal life was obviously defining the term, "chillin." Like this Nubian goat:

The following little goat duo was adorable. The little brown one was on the verge of falling asleep so his head was nodding slowly off, yet he'd always manage to wake himself up again right at the last moment. His companion was already out like a light. After drawing these two I remembered the gold mine that is----the chicken coop:

An abundant display of crazy hens, roosters, and pigeons!
And of course after exploring the various animal areas I settled down for some people studies:

This guy's family was less than 10 feet away from him and also on their cellphone. The discussion was pretty entertaining as the old man veered left and right trying to find the family on the cellphone. THEY had seen him long before he finally found them. Despite being a brisk 10 steps away, they just resorted to shouting, "Turn to your RIGHT! YOUR RIGHT! Okay, almost there! Keep coming straight. Good, good. No, go back the other way. Yes we can see you! Come back some more." It was quite the conversation.

SPRAY-FAN SIGHTING! I couldn't leave the fair until I spotted at least one! I was very pleased to spot the necessary fair accessory--though in the time that I sketched, I saw more fanny-packs than misters. She isn't related to the previous cellphone experience. No shouting coming from her end at least.

Some more fair-goers also sweltering in the heat. I did go to the pig barn and after my second sketch, the smell of pig was reaching the point of unbearable so I wrapped things up and as a certain cartoon depiction would say, "That's all folks!"

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your animal drawings are gorgeous jen