Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Costco Conveyor Belt

For the longest time I've wanted to actually go to the local Costco and sketch---you see the mall has MANY exits so a lot of people skip the food court where I usually sketch. The local Costco is perfectly designed for drawing---one entrance and one exit. Everybody has to pass by THAT food court on their way out and therefore I've dubbed Costco a conveyor belt of characters. Well yesterday I had my chance to sketch so here we go....

*I saw the shoes before I saw the actual human who was strapped into them.

These last two are memory sketches. I had put my sketchbook away just as I spied these two lovely locals, so I decided to put the ol' memory to the test and "photograph" them. Leopard prints, tube tops, and missing teeth---oh my!

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Gerald said...

Those are really fun characters. I like that you kept them loose.