Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Keeping the dust at bay

Quick updates for the blog:

We had a guest lecture this past Friday: Jim Capobianco came and gave a talk on his short "Your Friend the Rat". He showed the various stages that were involved and the combination of pencil/paper animation, stop motion, 3D animation, and then After Effects work. It was really interesting. He would continually say how cool it was to actually have traditional animation at Pixar and how baffled some employees were by the sound of flipping paper! He showed some fantastic rough animation done by the animators on the short and shared some entertaining stories about his time at CalArts, Disney(for instance, he storyboarded/developed the sequence in The Lion King where Mufasa tells Simba about the great kings of the past being the stars, and how they will always guide/watch him), and Pixar(he's been at Pixar since A Bug's Life and has worked on every film except The Incredibles and Cars).

The rest of the weekend was spent on my film. Part of it was spent animating my last scene before being halfway done---I'm thrilled with how it's coming together and am eager to dive into the next half! The rest of my time was spent in the new found world of After Effects. It's been a fun learning experience and I'm warming up to the program. It's been really interesting finding a balance between animating and everything else that goes into making a film. I personally find it very easy to dedicate every hour of the day animating and not face the aspects of scanning, editing, compositing. So far it's working out--still a few quirks to work out, but at this rate the bulk of my animation will be done by Spring Break! The rest of the student body is also diving into animating, it's great hearing the flipping of animation paper all hours of the day as students roll sheets of animation paper between their fingers.

And here's a random doodle of something that's not a cat or an old man in a pilot uniform!

Well, off to bed---lots of work to do tomorrow!

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