Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost March

March is right around the corner....7 scenes to go...53 days until films are due. Going pretty well, encountering a couple more troublesome scenes, but otherwise I should have all of my animation done by spring break---then onto compositing, alpha channeling each drawing, and music. It's also a whopping 80 degrees outside...crazy! Not a cloud in the sky too...

One of the directors of Mulan, Tony Bancroft, came on Tuesday and the 3D teacher let us go to the lecture. It was a pretty cool lecture, he shared several never-before seen roughs from the film which was inspiring to see. Material included several version of the opening sequence and then how to introduce the unique personality of Mulan. One sequence was rough animation(the scene where Mulan changes into her Father's uniform, cuts her hair, and runs off) but the rest were animatic storyboards(Chris Sanders really helped develop how Mulan was introduced and developed her character a lot). He talked briefly about what it's like to be a supervising animator and then also an animation director.

Last night we(the students--not just freshmen either) had a going-away party for our Story teacher, Kindregan. He's off to Canada to work in the game industry for a bit. We attacked him with silly string, feathered hats, pink balloons/streamers, followed by champagne, pizza, and cake. He was pretty shocked and once he "recovered"(aka. freed himself from the inches of neon silly string) he told us entertaining stories which he made up off the top of his head while people shouted ideas to him. It was bittersweet, he's one of my favorite teachers here and has had a huge impact on how my film is going(along with a handful of other people). He insists everyone keeps in contact with him and he's still grading us, but he's going to be missed by the department.

Alright well, I have class in 10 minutes, probably should head on over. Well another weekend ahead of me and time to confront this stubborn scene head on and conquer the the mean time here's Pinocchio because I love watching that movie as a source of inspiration(my trad. anim. teacher shows clips from this movie all the time):

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