Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The BIG 100!

This post marks the point where I've made 100 posts--so to celebrate hitting the triple digits here's a quick memory sketch of an event that took place while I was standing in line at the local Vons on Monday. There was a mom and two kids(two brothers no older than 8) standing in front of me buying things for a last minute birthday party(a small balloon on a stick, a card, and then a magazine*for the mom I presume*) and then this scene took place where the kids started mimicking Davy Jones and repeating "Do you fear death?" to a very worn-out audience(the mom) before one of the boys proceeded to try and climb the counter. Had to sketch it once I got back to the dorm.

On a side note: Dave Pimentel from Dreamworks is coming on Friday to give a guest lecture. Should be interesting--he has a blog too so until then time to get back to working on the film!

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Car2oon said...

Congratulations! Here's hoping for a hundred more! (But work on your film too =P)