Friday, December 7, 2007

The Pixar Story Screening

Just got back from the screening of "The Pixar Story" and it was amazing, the director, Leslie Iwerks, came for the screening and had a Q&A afterwards. As for the documentary itself, it lived up to all of the reviews. Really showcased the people of Pixar instead of the films(the director wanted to avoid giving information you could see in a movie bonus feature). The director, Leslie Iwerks(go google her last name, her family has had a large impact within the animation industry), wanted to show how business, art, technology has combined to create this company which is in a league of its own. Lots of great interviews, rare footage of both the people(the various home-videos were perfect...I won't go into detail as far as whose home-videos, but every minute was thoroughly entertaining) and films, and a film the entire audience loved(everybody cheered when the film started at CalArts during John Lassester/Brad Birds' days here as students). I definately want to see this documentary again and am really hoping it'll see a DVD release(The director described what kind of footage she had to cut and if there's a DVD release, she plans on putting that extra footage in the bonus features.). Anyways, if you see this playing in an area near you---go see it! It really emphasizes a key point that was said in the documentary, "That art challenges technology and technology inspires art."

Okay, back to work. I have a lot to accomplish this weekend because the semester ends next week and I get to go back home! =)

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Gerald said...

OMG. Was that not the best documentary you've ever seen? I refused to read any reviews - I didn't want anything to ruin my experience.

I had a chance to see it at the Mill Valley Film Festival in Ca. I watched the Sunday showing and Leslie Iwerks made an appearance. Unfortunately, she couldn't stick around for the Q&A afterwards :(

Would you mind emailing me some the Q&A's you recalled? That would be soooo awesome. Thanks.