Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pilot Sculpture

The big final project in my design class is to create a sculpture of a character, whether for your film or otherwise. I immediately jumped on creating my cat character Pilot and after several days of work he's finished! As of 1 am...here are some pictures of some of the steps he went through:

Began from a thumb nailed drawing of Pilot. In the end I had to make some adjusts when I translated this pose to 3D, but his inner-character it still definately there.

Started out as mostly tin-foil/wire and the beginnings of Sculpey being applied:

Bananna is for scale, he's pretty large.

And here he is RIGHT after baking him, no longer have to battle gravity, his upper body was constantly folding over.

Heeeere's PILOT!

Pilot painted! I had a ton of fun on his mouth/overall head and then his hands were pretty fun. The teacher wanted a base for the character and to incorporate it somehow(not just a wooden base that the character was screwed into), so I decided to have Pilot standing on a Plane Manual book(in case you're wondering, it's a folded box that's been duct-taped for the paper texture, and then painted over). I'm pretty happy with it now that it's painted and his attitude once he goes over the edge is certainly there. Well, finals are going well, I'll update once they end--until then time to sleep, lots of work to do in the next three days!

P.S. Robin and Eli, thank you so much for the final-week goodies! They are a real treat while working on my final projects! Very delicious. And of course the other little gift for my cube, the package really made my day. =)

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