Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mid-Break Report

"How about a shave this Christmas?"

This is the Christmas card I gave my Mom, the quote was written on the back. :) My favorite one to make...I did see Sweeney Todd as well, and overall, it was a very good movie. They were quite right when it was suggested that blood be credited as a supporting actor--but the songs were very clever and the sets were marvelous. :) Anyways, I had a great Christmas and received many wonderful presents from the family...also it's snowing around here! Well before I head off to continue thumb-nailing certain scenes for my film, I just want to say a quick thanks to the people who commented on my previous post! It's great hearing from everyone. :)


Gerald said...

That's a fantastic caricature of Sweeney Todd. I've got to check that movie out.

Janine said...

As soon as I turn in my portfolio, I'm heading to the theaters!!! I want to watch enchanted, i am legend, and sweeney todd -_-;;;

That's cute that you drew for your mom!!!! *_*

Makes me feel bad that I didn't do anything for my mom lol

Anyways! I'm always happy to see an update on your blog!!! So keep up the good work ^^

Joe said...

... you're always so inspiring. Hope this new year treats you well.

Cindey said...

sweeney todd!
I wanted to see it... but there's less than a week left until we go back!

happy new year to you too!
(I haven't forgotten about updating my blog... hahaha....)

Car2oon said...

What a great angle! And I love the pose!

Jennifer said...

Aww thanks everybody! Glad Sweeney's hair-raising habits please ya. haha.