Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to the Locals....

No more sharks--it's back to Oregon's finest..including more "Tales from the UPS Store!"
On Monday, at no later than 11 in the morning a woman comes staggering up to the counter and while gesturing wildly asks, " WHERE'S THE LIQUOR STORE?" She then leans forward, intently listening to my co-worker's directions to the liquor store that's just across the street. Silence. Slowly followed by, "WHERE'S THE LIQUOR STORE?! I know it's around here somewhere!" Once more directions are given...this time not only my manger tells her again, but he's also joined by two of the customers who are nearby. She mutters something, kind of spins around and clumsily makes her way out of the store. We(3 other customers, my two managers, and myself) were all stunned for a good minute after she left, and then the wild stories of that woman's morning were concocted followed by much laughter.

The bottom drawing focuses on another part of my job. At the end of the day, I have to take the day's non-UPS mail that people have dropped off over to a local USPS sorting facility. The building alone is eerie(all front windows are covered with plaster, the only entrance is on the far right side..that type of place), but what's inside really completes the atmosphere. This guy is the definition of creepy. He doesn't say much, but his Gollum-esque, soul piercing stare scares the beejesus out of my managers and I...and on Tuesday, I was given the challenge of caricaturing him. So with sunglasses on my face, I march in, deliver the three bins of mail, and memorize Mister Creeper. The next task: Figure out his name. A name-tag has not been spotted so this could be challenging. Only change I'd make would be to his cheeks/jaw. Just a tad too chubby.

Today, I hit downtown Ashland! I staked out a busy spot and started sketching. Counting down from number 6:
6) A very cute couple(spotted very far away, so I only caught their matching wardrobe). Though I personally would have put the pink shirt/purple long-sleeved combo on the woman...but apparently real men wear pink nowadays.
5) Some guy who walked by, sort of resembled Bill Clinton...but with a giant British flag on his bulbous belly.
4)I've dubbed her shirt "Intergalatic Butterflies"--those are not polka-dots...they're stars. If I had drawn her full front it would have been a solar system with bright yellow butterflies fluttering around the stars.
3)That combination of colors has been burned into my retinas. Wow
2)Riddle me this---what do you do when you love leopard print, but can't wear the clothing all the time? Tattoo it into the flesh on your upper arms! And why stick to traditional colors--go bright red! Well, this guy did just that. Unfortuately the quality of the picture ate up a lot of the colors, but I swear the prints are there. The rest of him, bandanna, goofy smile and all were the icing on this wild cake.
And number 1) Impossible for me to take this guy completely in on the first glance. I watched him for awhile as he literally walked along the street inspecting various car bumpers. Not looking into the windows or anything...he'd step off the curb, intently stare at the front bumper, and then move on. Maybe he has a collection of license plates in his garbage bag and was hunting for more? Or the bag/backpack just contain more pairs of black stockings like the ones he was wearing under his cargo shorts.

Also, I'll be typing up the Miyazaki lecture notes this weekend...until then, over and out.

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Tahnee said...

PUWAHAHA those are GREAT, I love them! And the stories to go with them as well... especially the car inspector. And I think "intergalactic Butterflies" would make a sweet band name. Thanks for sharing your observations... and weren't you lucky scoring a ticket to the Miyazaki lecture! :D