Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer '09

Last weekend I packed up the car and headed back to Oregon!

Welcome to the Rogue Valley! What a sight after being gone so long. This view was immediately followed up by my welcoming committee:

Annie--aka. the Crater. She hates looking at me when I've got the camera pointed at her.

...and that's why she has earned the title of "Crater."

So now I'm all settled in and catching up with friends and family. Not quite sure how updates are going to be, but they'll be pretty sparse--I'm already working on new film ideas, and starting to break-in my home-made animation desk. Behold:

I dug up an old easel that I was about to donate when, "Hey! I wonder if my disc would fit on this" popped into my head. A moment of modifying and ta-da! My little setup is complete. Kiwi makes for a great in-betweener, model, and most importantly---animation coach. He's all about correcting my mistakes and isn't afraid to chew up a bad drawing. haha

I just saw Pixar's new film, "Up" on Friday---overall, a very enjoyable film. Absolutely loved Dug and Kevin. Pixar did a great job at pushing your emotions---every laugh was followed up by a tear. Lots of beautiful animation--I left the theater pretty inspired. Anyways, go see it and for now, back to the disc....just a couple boards to go!


Kevin Schmit said...

haha makeshift animation desks ftw! the desk i made is an old desk that i unscrewed the top off of and attached a piece of plywood with a hole in the middle for the disk and a fluorescent light in the drawer, it works well I just dont have enough money for animation paper so I'm forced to push holes into printer paper with the peg classy:).

kristen said...

It comes with a Kiwi?! AWESOME :) He is such a good helper! The desk looks great!!

Jennifer Harlow said...

Kevin: That sounds like a perfect working area! :D

Kristen: Ya, a QVC special--order within the next 5 minutes and your desk includes a Kiwi! haha.