Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach Bum

This morning I woke up and took a impromptu trip to the local Oregon coast. Beautiful drive, weather was absolutely perfect...all in all, very relaxing day. Only hitch is that I'm now sporting a very nasty sunburn because I didn't think I'd need sunscreen. No was kind of worth it:
Some pictures:

Nice lil river I found as I drove along the 199.

This Pelican now has a story. So, I'm drawing and suddenly a girl around 13-15 bellows, "IT'S THE PICKLE GUY! LOOK! HI PICKLE GUY!" I immediately assumed she mistook this innocent pelican for the iconic Vlasic was funny at first, but her fangirling grew very annoying after 10 minutes.

Here are the two studies I did while at Harris Beach State Park:

Drawn and colored on the spot--which grew pretty hard when the wind was starting to whip sand across the still wet pages.

A horse show has been in town and I've been going as often as I can since I rarely draw horses. Here's just a quick collage...I've got about 20 + pages in my sketchbook FILLED with these types of things. Still need more practice...

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