Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Wednesday Morning

This morning was fun---woke up at 7 am to take my car down to get it looked at(weird rattling sound). Figured it should only take 15 minutes(I had an appointment after all), I was soon informed that-- "I might be able to look at this in like 30 minutes...I'll call you whenever I'm done." So I walk across the street to the local(and very popular on this particular blog) mall food court! To my absolute delight(seriously--it's 8:30 am, nothing else that's within walking distance is open, and I'm stranded) the "mall walkers" were up and making their counter clockwise cycles around the interior perimeter of the building. I settle down at a table and start drawing. Here are some highlights that made my morning(and none of them are actually 'mall-walking'):

The thing that interested me most about her. As she waited for her husband(in an equally red shirt/jean outfit) to come back from Subway-- She was so composed on top, but from the waist down---her legs just spilled out. The definition of a "mullet" came to mind--business in the front, party in the back. haha

It's now 9:30 am and some of the various food joints have started opening up. Wendy's was one of the last. Not 5 minutes after opening--3 people are headed that way, including this character:

He was gradually hobbling over with his money firmly clutched in his hand. Don't let his appearance fool you, by the time I looked back up again--he had made his order and was nowhere to be seen.

And bringin' up the rear is this 'Dale Jr.' He was making pitstops at various food stands(no orders, just talking). It was fascinating because his mouth was going 100 mph and the rest of him seemed to go into suspended animation. Not much going on from the chin down. He seemed to have a routine of doing a lap around the mall and then stopping at a food-stand. Because after this stop he headed back out on the "track" and about 10 minutes later I spotted him pulling into Starbucks(time for a fill-up in his silver canister?). His shirt and hat just screamed Nascar fan. The back of his shirt read, "Dale Jr. " followed by an "88"

Oh Mall Food-Court how I missed thee. :) Many more quality drawing times are planned for this summer, you can be sure of that...

Oh yeah, and I was back behind the wheel of a now rattle-free car around 11 am!

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