Monday, May 11, 2009

LA zoo trip

On Saturday, my friends and I visited to LA zoo to study the animals. I definately need to make this zoo a regular sketch-spot next are a couple of the sketches, not great by any standard, but I have to start somewhere:

Side-commentary: While drawing the ring-tailed lemurs(the gray ones with the black/white tails), I overheard a grand total of 5 or so references to Dreamwork's Madagascar from different families. King Julian is very popular with both the parents and kids.

In-between drawing I'd occasionally pull out my camera--I have more drawings than photos:

The baby giraffe that now lives in the zoo. Absolutely an adorable lil guy.

And a nice big ol' alligator grin to wrap up this post.


Anonymous said...

These drawings are really well done! I'm actually gonna make my own trip to the LA Zoo at some point during the summer to draw too.

Btw, the baby giraffe looks so adorable.

Martin W. said...

very nice sketches. did you add color right there on the spot?
sun seems to shine thoughout the year in ca...nice.

Marcos Cohen said...

nice animal sketches!! I think they should all be captured. Lol!

Jennifer Harlow said...

Jenboben: Aww, thank you!Oh boy, enjoy the visit and make sure to bring a sketchbook--we didn't even halfway through the park--too much to draw! lol

Martin: The giraffes had color added on the spot--after that I decided to add color later. Hard to watercolor standing up. On this particular day it was about 85 degrees out---perfect zoo weather.

Marcos: HAHA! Thank you! Yes, this set would make a FINE addition to the "Captured" series. lol