Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Madness Underway

Yesterday afternoon I looked out of my cube and saw this full-on rainbow! See if you can also spot the very faint second rainbow. A sign that there's still hope in-between the madness of crunch-time! haha. Though right now, it's certainly easy to wish I was somewhere over that rainbow(and I'm definitely not the only one.)

Film update: I broke the 1 minute mark on Monday! Though, with 46 days remaining this isn't the greatest---wish I was over 2 minutes by now(my animatic is verging on 3 minutes). Oh well, hoping to conquer another 30 seconds or so over the weekend. Still balancing the animation homework(3D mostly, just need to clean-up Gideon at this point). So here's what the film looks like so far:

Each clip represents a scene. I have several 8-12 second scenes. Pretty crazy. Still need to clean-up some of these scenes and scan all of it. Backgrounds have been drawn in, just need to shade them.

Used an average 01 micron for size comparison. Still have a ways to grow, so this stack will soon overwhelm that little pen in the next couple of weeks. Aiming to wrap up animation by April 4th so I can do all post-production(sound, compositing, music, etc.) until the deadline(April 20th).

Alright, time to go back to work!


Zesung Jason Kang said...


Cindey said...

woo go jen!
i am sad i missed out on this rainbow miracle.
not to mention i wish i had a window view!

kristen said...

There is still hope!!! Congrats on getting a great amount of work done :D YAY! Just pay the ferry man and you'll be set XD