Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gestural Update

Wow, a whole week has shot by since I last updated this blog....yikes. Things are getting so intense around here that it honestly feels like maybe two days have passed since the last post. Probably going to get really quiet on here cause it's coming into the home-stretch.

Progress so far:
1:45 animated at this moment and I've got about 4 weeks left. Still aiming for April 4th as my "all animation DONE. Move onto post-production" deadline.

Last week my story teacher invited his friend, Dave Pimentel to come give a gesture drawing workshop. One word summary: awesome. Learned a ton and made me realize I need to gesture draw more. Tools used: mostly permanent marker and then the occasional blue-pencil mixed with brush-pen. Anyways, here's a snippet of what I did:

We didn't have an actual model, so everyone took turns posing in the middle of the room. 2-5 minute gestures. I'd give names as to who I included here, but I'll let them figure it out. Definitely a great workshop.


Louise Smythe said...

Hi! Great blog you've got going on. My friend, Snow Powers, told me about you because I'm really interested in character animation and I'm applying to CalArts in the near future. I love your posts! How do you like CalArts? I visited the campus today and loved it! The admissions director told me character animation students are the happiest, haha. Are you a senior?

Amanda said...

Your gestures are all really clear :D
We still can't believe that we were able to take part in that workshop it was so COOL omg! x)

It's inspired us to keep going in that same direction. Our usual life drawing that we learn is waay too illustrative :\

yezix said...

Hey Jen! These Gestures are great! Love the simplicity and the attitude. Great job!