Thursday, February 26, 2009

WIP Gideon Dialog

Here he finally is---at least for now. Still need to do the rest of his mouth sync after "tell me" and do one giant clean-up job, among fixing some issues with him(couple spots where his limbs kind of "float," like at the end.)...but it's coming along and I'm still happy with it. This video is kind of off sync, the compression caused a slight delay between picture and sound.

I've also included the various stages Gideon has gone through. The first part was the second pass at him, I forgot to include the first pass where he actually falls onto the table...after some feedback I changed the action to falling and catching himself. The second stage was figuring out all the technical mechanics of drunken movement...I did about 3 other passes prior to this one...not as easy as one would think. I'll post those very ugly stages next week, along with the very first pass. The one that is shown here, is actually what I used in the next pass. Third part is where I'm at now...still a couple things to fix, but the mechanics are working a lot better. Anyways, anyone for a drink? I could use one just about now. :P hahaha


Miles Inada said...

Hey, why are you reading this? You should be animating!!
Har har--it's looking good. Hope all's well!

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