Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This post inspired by Vons

Stopped by Vons to buy some dinner items because "impending Film deadline" means I usually have an empty fridge(but I'm good for another week, Mom! :) ), but apparently I would be treated to yet another episode of "Memorable Moments while Checking-Out." And this one is memorable enough that I had to draw it out and even color it. I would have boarded it out, but I lack the necessary time to do it justice.

So I grab said dinner items and head for the express lane. Nobody in front of me. Cashier informs me of my total and I prepare to pay. At this point, my ears catch the sound of wheels squealing into the express lane. I don't pay them any attention. I get my debit card out and continue on. I swipe my card and the wheels churn again. Enter my code and with each beep of the machine...a motorized scooter inches closer to me. At this point, I am trying very hard to not turn my head. I'm also trying to keep a straight face as this scooter makes a snail's pace attempt at "running me out the door." This impatient scooter is just within the corner of my eye and I can vaguely make out a little old lady, layered in winter coats like it's ready to snow(it's about 45 degrees out) , and her head is bent low with her eyes focusing on her steering handle. Cashier hands me my receipt, and as I grab my bags I notice that from the time she entered the lane until I was leaving...this speedy scooter had managed to scoot literally within inches of me. I grab my bags and make a bee-line for the doors holding back a good laugh, while I imprinted this moment in my memory-bank.

Just about made my evening. I didn't get a chance to see what she was purchasing. She was very grumpy and basically growled at the cashier. I wonder where she's off to now....

Film Updates: Since my last post I've roughed out 30 seconds of my film. Which has been a I face the time-consuming job of cleaning up all 30 seconds(not intentional floating crocodile body parts won't cut it.) and continuing on with the other scenes. But it's going smoothly and I'm very pleased with my longer 8-12 second scenes.


Cindey said...

great post hahaa
i really like the drawinga s well, and i think this is the first time i've seen a drawing you drew of yourself! so cute, you got your bag and the hair dead on haha.

good to hear that your film is progressing! :)

Miles Inada said...

Wow, that might have been your fairy godmother sending you a crazy wisdom message.