Friday, November 14, 2008

Second Installment of Daffy Acting

My final animation for our second round of Daffy acting/reacting.

Certainly not perfect. Among drawing problems, Daffy has some timing issues(that whole middle area right after he tosses the toy to right before he gestures at the cat could use some major TLC, for instance.) But it's clear and the class thought it was entertaining. I personally like my other acting assignment over this one, but can't win 'em all--Time to move on, it's dialogue from here on out! Very excited to get started on both my 2D and 3D homework.

Oh yeah, since she's hard to see---here's a close-up of Daffy's companion:

Can you guess where my inspiration came from? Here's a hint....

Oh Annie. Haha.Little miss butterboat.

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