Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rainy Saturday

November has arrived with a weekend of rain! Even a few thunderstorms and flickering lights. And just last week it was usually 95 degrees out and not a cloud in the sky. And not just the weather has changed---my workload has been doubled, every class except lifedrawing has some project due this week, and I expect more of the same up until the semester ends. Spent today clarifying my animation homework. Turning my keys/breakdowns (all 44 drawings) from this:

To this:

And Daffy doesn't look the least bit pleased with this process.

Now off to pencil test this and make sure everything is holding together-- Then it's off to the land of storyboards, layouts, dog designs, Maya walks, sound(we get to add our own sound effects to a clip of Keaton. It's entertaining), and the cherry on top: a pesky critical studies paper.


Cindey said...

yeahhh this week is brutal!
it's cool to see your roughs vs. the clean up!

Jenessa said...

as I am attempting to do my daffy assignment... i am marveling at the amazing job you do! good job jennifer!