Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just taking it one frame at a time....

I'm not even going to try to sum up how crazy this week has been. My fellow second years and my Mom know exactly how stressful it was. Thankfully, this weekend's workload is a lot lighter.

An attitude walk. We had to have him start in a position and then start walking with some kind of attitude. I went with incredibly snooty/uptight. After finishing his walk I went back in and modeled a top hate, cane, and monocle(which is hard to see on here) for the little guy. Which then inspired me to animate him interacting with the monocle and hat. Good times. Maya only crashed ONCE! What luck!

Since I haven't uploaded any layout homework in awhile, here's my assignment that's due tomorrow afternoon. We had to take the same drawing and give it two different moods. Can you tell which season I miss? While it's finally cold here, the various trees refuse to display any fall colors before just dropping their leaves. Then you have the palm trees which are cool, but they're just green all year round.

That's all for now, I didn't have time to scan my character design homework before I turned it in, and traditional homework isn't officially due until next week, just breakdowns due this week. Storyboards, Keaton sound effects clip, and my critical studies homework will just remain off line. haha. Anyhow, Friday Don Hahn is coming to give a guest lecture so I'm looking forward to his talk, should be very interesting!

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Cindey said...

aw your layout is so cute! The colours look great! I think it's strange that all of a sudden it got cold here... and I don't even know if it's actually that cold or if it just feels really cold because it's usually hot. I miss fall too! And spring!

and yeah this week was definitely brutal...