Thursday, September 4, 2008

Round Two, and....GO!

Reached CalArts safely on Monday and have spent the past few days unpacking and setting up everything. Kiwi my parrot is winning over everyones' hearts, despite his occasional evil behavior. He pretty much slept and ate for the entire 600+ miles. No Internet in the apartment yet, wireless internet at CalArts is my only hope for keeping my email in check---and for updating the blog. Spent today seeing a whole bunch of people and signing up for classes. Fantastic seeing the ol' gang of animators again, lots of catching up to do. Have to of course say, Welcome new Freshmen! You guys are off to a great start, going to be one exciting year for ya'll. Hope you guys keep your blogs updated too! For me, it feels really good and really weird not being completely new this year, though I'm leaning towards really good. I'm still dying to move into my cube(have to wait until Monday for sign-up! AH!) and for classes to officially start(also on Monday), now that I'm all settled in it's definately time to get to work. Anyways, here's to year 2--already sounds like it's going to be quite the adventure.


Jonas (Sweden) said...

So I guess you'll update your blog more often from now on?

I love reading it, keep it going!

And good luck with your sophomore year!

Jennifer Harlow said...

Hi Jonas! Yeah hopefully more updates for sure--I'm aiming for at least once a week. Thank you very much! I'll be sure to keep the updates coming!