Tuesday, September 30, 2008

King of the Beasts

Lion designs for tomorrow night. We have the option of doing more than just character lineups, so while doodling I developed some fierce story vignettes.

I realized I never posted any of my story boards last year from class. So while I'm not going to post all 57 boards---here's just a handful. It's about a bull and a matador. The bull basically becomes one big puppy when he sees the red cape, however he turns real mean when the cape is out of sight, this little quirk doesn't fit into the matador's Macho outlook so chaos ensues. Anyways:

Just an assignment....far from my actual film work. And now a highlight from my Saturday:

One of my roommates and I were walking out to my car to drive to school when two extremely chubby male dachshunds and their owner crossed our path. I'm not kidding when I say their bloated bellies were dragging on the ground--Like little dirigibles on 2 inch paws. While passing the lady kept exclaiming in regard to the black one, "I really do walk him all the time, but he just loves those French Fries!" She said this twice to us and then repeated it to the lil addict. French fries must breed like rabbits at her place. As far as his younger SLIGHTLY skinnier workout pal, the brown one must have very big bones. ha. Anyways, that made our morning.


Jonas v E said...

Lovely storyboards! Surely sounds like an interesting story. And that dog-lady seems hilarious! :)

E.A. said...

Following links from hbthingy's blog to yours.

Your art's impressive here! Ellen Yu goes to the same school you do, and she's tremendously talented as well. Here's to you guys working on the same project soon!