Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Greasers, Daffy, and Octopi---OH MY

Week two is underway, it's only Wednesday, and I already have a ton of homework. Though I'm enjoying the work, lots and LOTS of drawing time. However, I haven't uploaded what I did during week one:

Character Design:

Greasers.....lots and lots of greasers.


The prompt was, "An octopus in a jungle."

Traditional Animation:

Every 2nd year class is assigned an iconic character to animate. Our class is animating Daffy Duck this entire year. Walks, dialogue, etc. Gonna be a blast! Anyhow, Daffy walkin' with attitude.
For some odd reason, this version gets sticky whenever I upload it. He's fluid on the final tape I'm turning in, but for this blog--Daffy has sticky feet.

The second assignment is a weekly assignment, every week we pick a Disney character before the 70's to study. Here's just my one favorite page out of the several I did:

Madam Mim is still amazing....just so hilarious. Anyhow, that's all I'm going to show. In-between this work I've been toiling away on misc. film work---well, I've got MegaCities of Asia in 10 minutes....

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