Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What do elephants, Groucho Marx, and Batman have in common???

A blog update!

Just playing around in Photoshop. Elephant was drawn at around midnight last night(gotta keep the student sleep schedule alive!) and then colored it digitally. The next one is just a very quick, maybe 20 minute project. I took a screenshot from the most recent Dark Knight trailer and started replicating it--didn't trace or anything, after awhile I started taking my own liberties with it. And any sense of anatomy went right out the window. I was focused on the colors rather than the structure of lets say, an arm. Okay, now that I've reminded myself why I'm more of an animator than color champion, here's a new fangled series of drawings that move----to sound!

I wanted to finish this completely before I posted it, but at this point---I have a million other things that really do need to be finished. A couple weeks ago I decided to pick a random sound clip and animate it. 2 days later I had a Marx brother parrot! I was planning on adding a background(supposed to be a whole gang of pirates behind the Captain and parrot sidekick, foreshadowing an impending mutiny) and even coloring the bird, but I'm moving onto other things. Anyways, aside from some weird compression issues and slight animation hiccups--it's done, well enjoy or go walk that plank!

Came upon this Andrew Stanton interview. Thought others might enjoy it too.


Jenessa said...

Ah! You never fail to amaze me with your animations!
Good job!

Carlos Romero said...

Heh, lots of personality in that bird's movements!